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Alexandros Charitos


"Alexandros Charitos has been working as a physiotherapist since 1999 after he gratuated from the school of physiotherapy in Athens, Greece. He has worked with professional soccer clubs for many years and then he joined the national basketball team of Greece in 2005.

It was an incredible honour to work side by side with the athletes of the national team that won the gold metal of European championship in Belgrade.

He gratuated from KINESIS UK with a certification of Structural Bodywork in 2014.

He worked for a private clinic of physiotherapy and sports injuries rehabilitation in Athens from 2000 until 2017. He has been self-employed since then.

In 2019, he founded Altius, a company which provides health care services and hosts educational courses and workshops in Greece.

His intention is to introduce the new methodology of Structural Bodywork in Greece and expand the company by introducing the most valuable educational courses/workshops and regognisable speakers/ instructors, in order to meet your demands".

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